With the RB 545 series, Case IH has a new generation of high-calibre fixed chamber balers on the starting blocks for the 2017 season.

The RB 545 and RB 545 Silage Pack models deliver perfect round bales in 122 x 125 cm format, whilst the RB 544 delivers even denser bales in dimensions of 122 x 135 cm.


The many and diverse innovations in the RB 545 series include, first and foremost, the new 220 cm wide pick-up.CASE says this has a proven track record in balers with a variable bale chamber.

It also says the five tine supports and the steel tines, each with a diameter of 5.5 mm, pick up the harvested crops cleanly and without losses. The standard swath down-holder can adapt to suit each swath, it provides uniform pressure on the harvested crop, and this helps the flow through the pick-up.


If customers so wish, they can now choose between fixed and idling sensor wheels; both variants can be adjusted without the need for tools, and if road traffic regulations relating to vehicle width make this necessary, both can be installed and removed as and when required.


The RB 545 and the RB 545 Silage Pack both have a cutting rotor with 20 blades in the standard version. Theoretically, this makes it possible to achieve cut lengths of 52 mm.

Thanks to the passive folding floor mounted behind the rotor which can be operated from the cab, and that opens up an aperture measuring 80 cm in width parallel to the rotor, it is now possible to remedy or even pre-empt blockages quickly and easily.


The RB 545 balers now have a duckbill system to pre-wrap netting around the bales. This netting, 1.3 metres in width, extends over the edges of the bales, preventing the loss of material from the edges. This new system operates approximately 20 percent faster which contributes towards the enhanced productivity of the new model series.