14-year-old writes ‘letter of apology’ after crashing stolen JCB into tractor

A 14-year-old boy wrote a “letter of apology” following an incident in which a stolen JCB was crashed into a tractor and a gate in a yard in England during the Christmas period.

The incident took place in Stoke Canon, near Exetor in Devon, England last Saturday, December 28.

In a statement to AgriLand, a spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed:

“Police attended a property in Stoke Canon at around 4:00am on Saturday, December 28, following reports of someone breaking into the grounds, stealing a JCB and driving it around, accidentally crashing into a tractor and a gate, before running off.

A 14-year-old boy was subsequently taken into police custody and questioned by police.

“In agreement with the owner of the property, the boy wrote a letter of apology to the owner and to the witness of the incident as part of the restorative justice process,” the police spokesperson concluded.

Local Devon police constable Amelia Hawkins took to social media following the incident, noting that the youth’s parents were “not amused”.

She added “neither was he following a 10-hour experience” in custody.

The constable also alluded to a criminal record following the incident.