The Larry Goodman ABP Food Group is to sponsor a farm safety exhibition at next year’s BT Young Scientist Exhibition.

ABP Food Group said it is becoming a partner of the BT Young Science and Technology Exhibition in order to raise awareness of farm safety with secondary school children.

ABP will sponsor a newly created award, the ‘ABP Farm Safety Award’, and create an ABP Farm Safety Zone at the prestigious event which takes place in the RDS in January 2015. There have been an exceptional number of fatalities on Irish farms in 2014 and ABP wishes to educate students about the dangers on farms and therefore help ensure that 2015 is a safe year for farmers and their families.

The ‘ABP Farm Safety Award’ category recognises projects which focus on either improving safety on farms or help educate people about the dangers on farms. ABP hopes the category will encourage students from both farming and non-farming backgrounds to learn about farm safety and investigate issues that affect farms today.

As part of the engagement with the BTYSTE, ABP will have an exhibition space dedicated to farm safety and visitors can learn how to keep safe on farms and awareness tips to prevent accidents on farms.

ABP will also have a stand in the Industries Hall, in association with Embrace Farm, a charity set up following the direct experience of a fatal farming accident, which organises memoriam events for victims of farming accidents, and strives to create greater awareness of farm safety.

Seamus Banim, Group Communications Director of ABP Food Group, said that as an organisation farm safety is something ABP feels incredibly strong about. “We have been impacted directly and know the real importance of education and a greater awareness of farm safety. Our commitment to this project is strong, and we hope that in some way this engagement will help educate future generations on how to keep farm safe.”