Each week AgChatIRL will review its debates on social media with AgriLand. Those involved and interested in agriculture and food actively participate in AgChatIRL discussions on social media each week. It has been up and running for over a year.

AgChatIRL recent discussion was all about the value of community in rural Ireland. How rural communities have changed and whether there still as strong as they once were.

Q1. Do you think there is still a strong community spirit in rural Ireland today #agchatirl

I think there is but the problem is it can be overwhelming and too inquisitive #agchatirl 🙂 – Lorna Sixsmith @IrishFarmerette

@AgChatIRL definitely a good community spirit around here but if you don’t put yourself out there you won’t get anything in return#AgChatIRL – Bnicholson@bnicholson32

@AgChatIRL sorry about being so late, I think there is a great community spirit in rural Ireland #agchatirl – Agriland@AgrilandIreland

@AgChatIRL A.1 I’m afraid not. society has become materialistic and everyone seems to want to keep up with the Jones’ #Agchatirl – Shane McAuliffe@ShaneMcAuliffe1

So some debate over whether a strong community still exists in rural Ireland

Question two was inspired by @ShaneMcAuliffe1’s response

 Q2. Has money & desire to impress become more important than community in rural Ireland? (Via @ShaneMcAuliffe1) #agchatirl

@AgChatIRL @ShaneMcAuliffe1 I suppose some will try to have the latest jeep or quad? #agchatirl. Lorna Sixsmith@IrishFarmerette

@AgChatIRL @ShaneMcAuliffe1 I call to farms looking like palaces from the front but no curtains on windows at back of house. Brian O Connor@bigrig480

Q3. Do you get involved in your local community? Gaa, Tidy Towns, charity events or local Macra etc? #agchatirl 

@AgChatIRL parish and school stuff mostly though have stepped back from parish stuff #warzone 😉 #agchatirl. Lorna Sixsmith@IrishFarmerette

Q4. What do you think would improve your local community #agchatirl

Seems to be a consensus that rural communities are too focused around the pub and alcohol

@AgChatIRL late I know but community is all about needing a centre. Not a pub. – Kaye Duffy@k_duffy5

@AgChatIRL less focus on alcohol as an escape. – Agriland@AgrilandIreland

@AgChatIRL No more of this “they’ll never get involved” especially about people who move into an area, find a way to get them interested! – Thomas@TaeSavesLives

@AgChatIRL taking the time to get to Know Your Neighbours and realise what a positive impact it can have on your wellbeing. – Macra na Feirme@MacranaFeirme

Which lead to a sub-discussion

@MacranaFeirme @AgChatIRL do you think people are shy or not bothered? Is it more re new people who move into rural area? #agchatirl. – Lorna Sixsmith@IrishFarmerette

@IrishFarmerette @AgChatIRL we did a survey and most people interacted with their neighbours, 3 or more time a week and those that didnt wanted more interaction. – Macra na Feirme@MacranaFeirme

And that rounded up our discussion. But we have an interesting development coming up. The next three chat topics will be part of a single series. So keep an eye on the @agchatirl twitter for an update!