In these strained times the prospect of something a little sublime coming along to cheer us up is certainly to be welcomed.

Can-Am has stepped up to the mark and introduced its updated range of side by side utility vehicles (UTVs) for 2022. These, it is said, underline the company's "continued pursuit of off-road awesomeness".

The north American market, for which the majority of the company's models are destined, is very much more orientated towards sports and outdoor activities, rather than the more staid requirements of Irish farming.

Maverick and Traxter ranges

The company's side by side offerings are split into two main categories. The recreational models are known as the Maverick line up, and the utility vehicles are labelled the Traxter range.
Can-Am Traxter powered by HD9
The four-seat Traxter is powered by the 65hp Rotax HD9
The company is updating its Traxter models with the addition of ABS on some HD9 and HD10 models. Those models will now benefit from a brake and traction control system which offers maximum control in adverse conditions. When fitted with ABS, the UTVs are no longer limited to 60km/h.

New engines from Can-Am sister company

Rotax is also owned by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) and two new engines are being introduced, the HD7/700 ACE and HD9; these replace the HD5, HD8, and 800.

The Rotax HD7 is designed for the lower horse power models offering 52hp. It will be available in the Can-Am Traxter, where it replaces the HD5 with 37% more power. When tuned for more sporty performance, it will power the Maverick Trail 700.

This new engine is optimised for off-road usage and is claimed to deliver less noise, less vibration and a cooler environment for passengers, resulting in a more comfortable ride. The Rotax HD9 option has 65hp on tap and replaces the HD8 in the Can-Am Traxter lineup. It is a larger, more powerful engine that delivers 30% more horsepower than its predecessor and is said to deliver higher torque at lower revs.
Can-AM ski doo
BRP is a Canadian company that also produces Ski-Doos and outboard motors
Christian St-Onge, director of global product strategy with Can-Am Off-Road, said:
With the addition of the HD7 and HD9 engine options to the already existing HD10, Can-Am is class leading in power and by far the best option to accomplish the task at hand, whether that’s work or play.”

Update to ATVs

Can-Am has also made its Visco-4Lok system available on a greater number of its ATVs. It works with the push of a button, riders can engage a four-wheel-drive lock mode, immediately providing equal power to all four wheels for increased traction.