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Case recently announced that it is to introduce a series of new headers to the European market. It says advanced to new levels of size, productivity, features, and customer convenience in order to take full advantage of the increased productivity of the new Axial-Flow® combines of the 140 and 240 series.

3100 series draper headers

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The 3100 draper headers are new additions to the Case IH header line-up and replace the current 2100 draper header range. It says these new draper headers provide the latest advances in harvesting technology and are designed to maximise the performance of Axial-Flow combines, no matter what the farm size. With today’s high horsepower Axial-Flow combines, faster harvesting speeds, tougher crop genetics, and unpredictable harvesting conditions, the 3100 series draper headers have been engineered to harvest efficiently at very high productivity levels.

3020 flex auger header for most demanding harvesting conditions

terraflex_3020_af_7230 (2) This header is designed to maximise the productivity and performance in soybeans or crops that need to be cut close to the ground to prevent seed losses, and this at high capacity in all conditions.

Case says what sets the 3020 header apart from other models is the all new flexible cutter bar. It incorporates a fully adjustable suspension system that is designed to follow constantly changing ground contours at very low height without digging into the soil. The header can be locked either manually or from the combine cab in ‘rigid’ mode and then be used in other cereal crops as well.

3050 header model 41ft with 12.5m effective cutting width

With the 3050 header model 41ft, Case IH completes the offering from 4.88m up to 12.5m grain headers to fulfil all customers’ demands. Thanks to an effective cutting width of 12.5m, this new header allows for an increased combine capacity. In addition, there is a particular benefit with regard to soil protection, as wider headers mean less passes and thus less soil compaction. At the same time, it has proven to be more economical to harvest with a slower speed but wider working widths.

4400 corn header series for higher grain savings

cornheader_4408f_af_7130 (2)

The new Case IH 4400 corn headers are available in 6 / 8 / 12 rows with a spacing of 70cm, 75cm or 80cm. Whereas the 6 and 8 row 70cm spacing headers and all 12 row headers are rigid, the 6 and 8 row 75cm / 80cm spacing units are foldable and end up in a transport width of less than 3.45m. All 4400 corn headers allow for higher grain savings due to a new all snout profile. These corn headers offer particularly increased productivity in lying crop conditions.