Direct drilling of tillage crops is now a well established practice. Claydon has focused on developing the principle further by combining it with strip seeding to create a series of machines based on what it refers to as the ‘OptiTill’ system.

It is are adding a further drill to the range next year. Known as the OptiTill T6c, it is a 6m drill built around the 4m T4 chassis. It is to be launched at LAMMA 2019 (in the UK).

Jeff Claydon, founder and CEO of Claydon Drills, explained:

The new T6c is over 20% lighter and more compact than our standard T6, which was designed for larger farms and contractors who can make full use of its 5,500L hopper capacity.

He added: “The T6c combines the high output of a 6m seeding platform with the nimble handling characteristics and maneuverability of our 4m T4 trailed drill, on which it is based.”

The company believes that the new drill is capable of drilling around 45ha per day behind a 300hp tractor.

The T6c is carried on the lower link arms and features a fully-floating seeding chassis – that follows field contours.

It apparently does this regardless of the weight in the hopper, which is carried on a separate frame (supported on centrally-mounted depth-wheels that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground – to avoid capping and compaction).

The new drill can be adapted to suit different crops and conditions. It can be purchased with the standard tine set-up and a variety of coulter and seeding boot options.

Fertiliser can be placed down the front or rear tines.