Yet another farmer has recently reported his quad stolen, as criminals continue to target quad bikes in farm robberies.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) received reports at approximately 7:35am on Saturday, June 10, that a quad had been stolen from a yard located in the Drumhillery area of Co. Armagh.

The farmer reportedly used the red Yamaha quad, which has a 250cc engine, quite regularly on his farm.

Officers from the PSNI confirmed to AgriLand that enquiries into this incident remain ongoing.

Late last month, a dairy farmer in Co. Cork woke up one morning to discover that his quad had also been stolen.

John Lynch reported his red Yamaha 350 quad stolen after he discovered it was missing at 6:30am on Monday, May 29, when he was going to collect the cows for milking.

His farm is located in Springfort, which is situated between Charleville and Dromina in north Co. Cork.

The thieves cut down a wooden fence in order to escape from the farmyard with the stolen quad; other gates entering the farmyard had been locked.

A tool to tackle thefts

Meanwhile, a Welsh farmer has created a specially-designed, security device in response to the increased prevalence of farm thefts involving quad bikes.

Dubbed the 'Quad Vice', the manufacturer claims that the product is so quick to use that it can be engaged in just over 10 seconds.

The device immobilises quads, and other ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), by clamping in on the back wheels of the vehicle in question. This prevents the vehicle from being driven or towed away.

The product is essentially a sturdy platform onto which a quad can be driven. The idea is that the back wheels of the quad are driven onto rollers, not unlike those seen on a cattle grid.

Quad Vice

These rollers then spin (with the back wheels) to tighten in the vice-like clamps, that secure the wheels in place.

The quad is further locked down through two bolts, which are operated by a key. The ramps can then be raised and locked into place.

The project is reportedly suitable for any quad length, width or wheel type, through adjustable dimensions on the device.