Ned McCarthy, the dairy farmer who staged a sit-in last week, left Dairygold's Mitchelstown office over the weekend.

McCarthy was served with a High Court injunction on Friday evening and he left the offices on Saturday night.

Following a number of informal requests by Dairygold representatives on Friday that he would end his ‘sit-in’ demonstration, McCarthy was advised Friday afternoon that he risked being served with a High Court Injunction. The Injunction was served on Friday evening.

He is expected to be in court this morning, Monday, to face charges in relation to his protest.

McCarthy was invited into the Mitchelstown office last Thursday to discuss his exit of the co-op and his shares. He, along with a number of other dairy farmers, left Dairygold last year to supply Arrabawn. Dairygold was meeting with the former suppliers in recent days and weeks to discuss their shares.

McCarthy has said that he does not want a loan note from the co-op, but the value of his shares returned to him.

McCarthy said he is owed for shares, revolving fund and bonuses which totals approximately €23,000.

Dairygold said it has offered to return the former member’s shareholding value in the Society on a phased basis over five annual payments of 20% of the shareholding value. Repayments will begin in the fifth year following the conclusion of Society membership and concluding in year nine.