Dorset Police rural crime team have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection with the suspected handling of stolen plant machinery.

The team arrested the man from south Dorset yesterday (Wednesday, September 30) following an allegation of his handling of a stolen dumper grab.

The man has been released under investigation while the force’s enquiries continue.

Dorset Police rural crime team said: “A search has been conducted in the Swanage area and a further item has been seized by police as it is suspected to be stolen.

“This Leica Roteo 35 Rotating Laser, which would cost approximately £5000 to replace, has been seized.”

PC Sebastian Haggett of the Dorset Police rural crime team thanked the Dorset Special Constabulary and Purbeck Police for assisting it in its investigations and the man’s arrest.

“The theft of tools and plant machinery can have a devastating impact on businesses and we will continue to take robust action to stop it,” he said.

“If you recognise this Leica Roteo 35 Rotating Laser, we would ask you get in contact with any serials you may have so that we can match it with the item seized.”

Haggett said anyone with any information should get in contact via the Dorset Polices rural crime team’s website.

Stolen machinery

Earlier this week, around £500,000 of stolen farm equipment was recovered across Shropshire by West Mercia Police.

The force said the recoveries had been possible thanks to help from the public.

Earlier this month, two tractors worth a combined total of £230,000 were recovered by two police officers, following information given to them by the public.

Since then a further two tractors, a pick-up truck, a JCB digger and a bowser containing 2,000L of fuel have been recovered and returned to their owners.

West Mercia Police said these thefts have been happening across Shropshire over the past several months, with the offenders dumping the equipment near the location it was taken from.

Anyone with information relating to the thefts is asked to contact the Rural and Business Team at Shrewsbury Police Station.