Several protesters involved in last month’s tractor demonstration in Dublin city have been issued with fines and penalty points for apparent traffic offences.

AgriLand understands that several fines have been issued at various times over the course of the last month, and that another “raft” of fines have been issued today, Tuesday, February 25.

One demonstrator told AgriLand that he had received a fine of €80, accompanied by three penalty points, under the charge of breaking a red light – a charge the individual denies.

Another demonstrator allegedly received a total of €160 in fines, and five penalty points for two different offences.

Speaking to AgriLand, one protester said that those individuals who had received fines and/or penalty points were angered over the development.

He argues that there was an arrangement in place with Gardaí to allow the tractors to protest in Dublin city, whereby there would be no “follow-up”.

He added that he was under the impression that they were under a Garda escort for the duration of the protest.

This protester claimed that he, and others, would give consideration to further actions and demonstrations in light of these fines and penalty points being issued.


The protest in question took place over two days – January 15 and 16 – in Dublin city centre.

The tractors stayed the night in Merrion Square, with many of their drivers sleeping in them.

Following this, the convey of tractors made its way down the north quay of the River Liffey towards Dublin Port, before heading onto the M50 and leaving the capital.