Farmer comes up with unique way to get revenge on driver who blocked his gate

A farmer in Wales has come up with a unique way to get back at a driver who blocked access to his land by installing a fence around a car which was directly blocking access to his farm gate.

The picture, which was posted by local Green Party councillor Emily Durrant on Twitter, shows how the farmer got his own back on the offending BMW which had blocked his gate.

The councillor said that “it’s great be welcoming everyone in Wales back to our corner of heaven but please don’t be a plonker and park in front of farm gates”.

“It is a working landscape, not just a fun place to be.

When farmers can’t tend to their livestock it makes them a little upset.

The county councillor for Llangors told North Wales Live: “We are very welcoming of visitors, they are very important to our local economy and they bring a lot to the area.

“But people must respect the fact rural areas consist of working landscapes and they should be treated as such.

“It’s the same as parking in front of someone’s storefront.”