The Farmer Network will meet North Cumbria at the start of next month to facilitate discussions between farmers about what future farming support might be needed.

The meeting will take place at 7:00p.m on Monday, July 1, at the Graham Arms in Longtown. Farmers are asked to book their places by Wednesday, June 26.

The Farmer Network said it wishes to help farmers keep in touch with the many changes to farm support payments that are “occurring at present”.

Farmer Network managing director Adam Day will speak at the event, as well as Veronica Waller of the Farmer Network, who will give an update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and other grants.

The network’s Peter Faulder and Rachael Graham will also be on hand to discuss current projects in the area and other work being undertaken.

Managing director, Adam Day, said: “Too few people understand that North Cumbria is vitally important in terms of farming and food production as well as its natural environment and beautiful landscapes.

“These farmers are progressively delivering multiple benefits to society. They are important to us and therefore our only aspiration is to offer support where we can.”

David Watson, who farms near Longtown and is the current chair of the Farmer Network’s Cumbria management council, said: “The challenges currently facing the local farming community in this area range from changes to support payments to the encroachment of commercial forest plantations.

“But there are also new opportunities waiting for farmers. Within the network we try our best to support farmers through all of this, working as a community.”