Danish manufacturer Bredal will shortly launch newer, more accurate, high-capacity trailed spreaders.

The latest machines will be able to spread lime with a new degree of accuracy up to 30m, the company claims. They will be able to spread fertiliser up to 48m.

This is thanks to a new spreading/distribution system, whereby the two discs are mounted on arms that shift out to either side of the machine.

At full stretch, the two discs can be up to 6m apart (centre-to-centre distance). They retract back in hydraulically for transport on the road.

The discs can shift up to 3t/min. Lime or fertiliser is moved out to the side-mounted discs on conveyors (0.4m-wide rubber belts).

The discs are said to incorporate a high degree of control, to reduce waste when working on undulating ground or irregularly-shaped headlands. The discs are driven hydraulically, thanks to a dedicated pump and hydraulic system mounted on the spreader itself.

Three new models will be offered with this spreading system – namely the new K105XE, K135XE and K165XE. The K105XE has a rated capacity of 9,000L.

Expect to see the new machines make their official debut at Agritechnica in Germany next month.

Bredal in Ireland

Bredal is most readily-associated with its range of high-capacity trailed (bulk) fertiliser spreaders. It’s also a big player in the lime spreading sphere.


K Series fertiliser spreaders are used by significant numbers of agri-merchants and contractors here in Ireland. There are eight different models in the existing line-up, with capacities from 2,500L up to 19,400L.


The K40, K45, K65 and K85 are single-axle machines; the K105 and K115 are normally built on a single axle, but can optionally be ordered as tandem-axle units. The larger K135 and K165 come only as tandem-axle spreaders.

The existing K105L and K135L incorporate a specially-designed 12m-wide auger – for spreading powder-type materials.

Earlier this year, Irish importer Atkins produced this video (below) showcasing what Bredal has to offer. The machines were filmed working close to Birr, Co. Offaly.