Guinness Storehouse apologises for incorrectly putting Kilmullen Farm on menu

The Guinness Storehouse has apologised for incorrectly having Kilmullen Farm on its menu, despite the farm never selling product to the storehouse.

Kilmullen Farm, which is based in Co. Wicklow and sells lambs to customers, took to Twitter recently asking the Guinness Storehouse: “Can you please take us off your menu, we have not sold you lamb. Thank you.”

The menu of the 1837 Bar & Brasserie at the storehouse named Kilmullen Farm lamb sausage as one of the ingredients in a flatbread dish and a corn salsa.

Kilmullen Farm noted that it does not produce sausages and it also does not supply to restaurants.

The Guinness Storehouse has since reprinted the menu. In a statement on the matter, it said:

“We apologise that Kilmullen Farm was incorrectly named on our menu.

“The two dishes on the menu feature ingredients sourced from a different Irish farm.

“We have been in contact with Kilmullen Farm to apologise and have since corrected and reprinted the menu.”

‘Food is no protection against Covid’ – Tóibín

Meanwhile, as food businesses continue to try and find their feet again after the Covid-19 lockdown, a number of Irish TDs are calling for pubs that don’t serve food to be reopened.

One such TD is Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín, who is calling on the government to “rethink strategy” when it comes to pub closures.

Saying that “food is no protection against Covid-19”, deputy Tóibín feels that if “the government does not step up to this challenge, then many pubs in rural Ireland will never reopen again”.

As it stands, the regulation is that drinks cannot be purchased in pubs without spending at least €9 on food.

The government is now considering allowing larger concerts to go ahead, but without alcohol.

“This will be seen as yet another slap in the face for pubs,” the deputy added.