Farm management software company, Herdwatch, has announced plans to double its workforce over the next three years as part of their plans to extend their service.

They expect to create an additional 40 jobs during that period, including some in the UK.

Herdwatch has said that their app is used on more than 15,000 farms in the UK and Ireland.

The additional jobs will support the further expansion of Herdwatch as it seeks to reach new markets and also to broaden their current service.

This will include measures to help farmers meet the climate change challenge, beginning with the newly released farm mapping functionality.

As part of its research and development programme, the company has released what they call “Farm Maps by Herdwatch”, a new tool in the existing Herdwatch app which allows farmers to easily map their farm for free, using satellite imagery.

This tool is seen as a foundation stone for more advanced upcoming developments in the environmental sector, from precision soil health to fertiliser and carbon emissions as well as carbon sequestration management.

New roles

The new jobs will be created in the commercial and technology sectors, from customer support and sales roles to product specialists and software engineers – all with remote working opportunities. As of today, the company has open vacancies for inside sales representatives, customer success representatives, product owners, software and cloud automation (DevOps) engineers.

Herdwatch CEO and Co-Founder, Fabien Peyaud, said, “This announcement is a signal of the ongoing success of Herdwatch.

We’re so proud to have been able to help thousands of farmers and create so many jobs over the past seven years, so I am thrilled to be growing the team supporting and building the next phase of Herdwatch.

We are taking this step because we want Herdwatch to continue to expand – helping more farmers in the UK and around the world but also offering even more benefits to our existing members.

“Since we first launched we have been embraced by the farming community because we offer them a tool which really makes a difference.

“Using Herdwatch makes farm management easier, which is why we are the most popular farm management app in the UK and Ireland, and why a growing number of farmers use our app on a daily basis.

“We are also very conscious that the needs of farmers are constantly evolving and we are determined to ensure that Herdwatch evolves with their needs.

“We will be bringing forward a range of additional features within our app, like our newly launched ‘Farm Maps by Herdwatch’.

Thanks to this service our 15,000 members, and in fact all farmers across the UK and Ireland, can now map their farm for free at the touch of a screen, see their field size and even colour code their land based on what a particular field is used for.

“We believe this will revolutionise farm mapping for farmers and it is all part of the Herdwatch service,” he concluded.