To coincide with the National Ploughing Championships, Agriland has teamed up with several agricultural brands, including Yara, to launch what is we believe the largest ever farming give away in the country.

As part of the prize Yara will provide 10 Broad Spectrum Soil or Leaf Analyses along with 10t YaraBela Nutri Booster to the lucky winner.

YaraBela Nutri Booster is a part of the Booster range of products which are unique to Yara and all contain selenium with its well-established animal health benefits.

Yara is the only fertiliser manufacturer able to supply fertilisers incorporating selenium within every granule (as opposed to it being added into the blend as a powder with all the problems of uneven application and segregation – imagine trying to evenly mix a teaspoon of powder into tonne of fertiliser in a blending plant!)

Yara is also the only fertiliser manufacturer to use the selenate form of selenium which is required by plants and livestock as opposed to the less efficient selenite offered by some blenders.

National Ploughing Championships

With the National Ploughing Championships just around the corner the team here at Agriland is delighted to announce our #farmfree competition.

To coincide with the Ploughing  we have teamed up with some of the best-known agricultural brands and manufacturers to launch what is we believe the largest ever farming give away in the country.

Recognising the difficult trading conditions which farmers throughout the country have been operating in this year, Agriland, Irelands largest farming news portal and our competition partners are set to giveaway an unprecedented collection of prizes including a host of farming essentials.

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