According to Pottinger, the new contactless, electronic steered axles on the JUMBO 8000 forage wagon series improve operating comfort as well as the reliability of the entire steering system.

There is no need to install a mechanical steering rod to transmit the angle of articulation between the tractor and the wagon.

This means that the loader wagon can be used without restrictions on any vehicle, regardless of the type of hitch, or whether it is fitted with equipment for attaching a steering rod.

There is also no need for any maintenance work or adjustments to adapt the wagon to different tractors.

The 'nerve centre' of the new steering system on a JUMBO 8000 forage wagon

In addition, a tighter steering angle is possible between the tractor and loader wagon because the tractor tyre can no longer collide with the steering rod. The risk of damage is therefore eliminated.

The electronic control system also makes it possible to adapt the steering performance perfectly to different driving speeds and operating situations.

Chopping with the forage wagon series

Shorter chopping lengths are also claimed for the new forage wagon series. Thanks to the new drive concept, the rotor, and the chopping system with 65 knives, an average chop length should be achievable.

Each knife is individually protected from stones and other debris coming up from the ground.  

The automatic loading system now features an additional optional sensor on the rotor scraper carrier. This means that up to four sensors (torque on the rotor, hydraulic pressures, material loading, etc.) are used to optimise the loading process.

Alfalfa that was picked up and chopped by JUMBO 8000 forage wagon

The new sensor system on the JUMBO 8000 series detects the pre-compaction of the forage directly above the rotor and activates the scraper floor before any mechanical damage can occur.

As a result, the new wagons can always make optimum use of the space inside the loading chamber, regardless of the type of crop being harvested.

Pottinger knives

Individual knives can easily be removed from a JUMBO 8000 forage wagon

Despite the relatively small knife spacing of 25mm, it is still possible to use the AUTOCUT automatic knife sharpening system.

Pottinger recommends that knives should be sharpened every three hours or so, while machines are in use. This process takes a matter of minutes.

Pottinger is confirming that space constraints prevent the fitting of an additive/inoculant dispenser to the new 8,000 series – the draw bar at the front is too short.

For farmers and contractors wishing to use an additive or an inoculant, this leaves the option of attaching the dispenser and pumping system to the front of the tractor.  

The full arrangement of cutting knives on a JUMBO 8000 forage wagon