Malone – the Mayo-based farm machinery manufacturer – will show one of its newly designed centre-pivot mowers at next week’s National Ploughing Championships (September 17-19).

This new mower line-up complements the company’s existing ranges (of trailed and mounted models).

The machine on display – a Malone Procut 3000 MP – is what the manufacturer describes as a “mid-mounted plain mower”. Making its debut in Co. Carlow next week, it will be available for the 2020 season.

The Procut 3000 MP – as its model designation suggests – has a cutting width of 3m. Other versions (2.6m and 3.4m) are apparently “in the pipeline”.

A spokesperson explained: “It has an innovative hydraulic floating (suspension) system – resulting in an exceptionally clean cut.

“This mower also has swath wheels – to leave the cut material in a tidy swath.

All of the hubs in the bed are protected by a shear system, so any shocks that do occur at ground level don’t travel through the Walterscheid driveline to the central gearbox or the back-end of the tractor.

Each of the seven cutting discs is fitted with 4mm cranked blades. The bed itself can be accessed via a folding cover – to reset the shear mechanism or replace a blade.

The machine is also home to a friction-clutch and over-run protection.

To make the mower easier to attach to a tractor (often, says Malone, a challenge with mounted mowers), the company provides a tripod stand. It’s used when parking up the machine.