Michelin has unveiled its new Cargoxbib heavy duty tyre which is aimed at farmers looking for reliability and stability while using heavily loaded agricultural trailers on the road and in the field.

With first versions expected to be available on the market in late 2015, this new generation tyre extends the Cargoxbib range.

The new tyre is seen by Michelin as an additional offering to the Cargoxbib high flotation tyre.

Designed to be the perfect fit for both the road and the field, the Cargoxbib heavy duty tyre is said by Michelin to optimise longevity and driver comfort on roads, while offering excellent slope handling and high load capacity of up to almost 8,330kg/tyre.

The alignment of the 'Tripod' tread blocks and their alternating pattern promotes self-cleaning according to Michelin, while at the same time, tread block linkages limit wear caused by twisting.

It said that large rounded shoulders are designed to protect the vegetation and simplify handling on hard ground, coupled with a flat and large tread design to maximise the ground contact patch reducing soil compaction and increasing traction.

The Cargoxbib heavy duty tyre will be available for agricultural trailers, implements and general agricultural machinery, in three sizes: 560/60 R22.5 from November 2015, 560/45 R22.5 from July 2016 and 500/60 R22.5 from August 2016.

Michelin’s tyre pressure app now available on iPhone and iPad

Michelin’s free agricultural tyre pressure calculator app is now compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

It says that this will give even more farmers and contractors access to on-the-spot bespoke tyre pressure advice.

The Michelin Pressure Calculator app instantly works out the most appropriate tyre pressure settings for desired load and speed on any farm tractor in just three easy steps.