Until now, Joskin was proposing full stackable aluminium extensions for its agricultural tipping trailers.

However, today, Joskin has launched silage extensions available with heights of 500 and 750 mm. They offer a durable and manoeuvrable solution and make it possible to transport large volumes of low-density matters (silage, shavings, barks, etc.).

These grated extensions made up of galvanized steel and aluminium allow for combine manoeuvrability and resistance. They were designed in such a way that they are assembly is easy. Furthermore, the holes ensure an increased visibility on the load and prevent moves in the body due to ventilations of silage machines.

The six elements are laid down on rails on the whole length of the body strip. Intermediate posts, to which the extensions are fastened with several closing handles. Joskin says this ensures the stiffness the assembly needs.