There are quite a few Spearhead hedge-cutters dotted about Ireland; now is the time of year when such machines are out and about – busily trimming.

Interestingly, the UK-based firm is planning something of an ‘identity update’ at the upcoming LAMMA machinery show (in the UK). There, the company plans to “unveil its new-look brand”.

Changes to both the logo and machinery colour scheme are expected. According to the firm, these changes are the first phase in a wave of strategic improvements planned for the coming season.

They coincide with the launch of several new models, including a “completely revamped” TWIGA hedge-cutter series – which is available now.

All-new TWIGA series

This year sees a “complete overhaul” of the existing TWIGA series hedge-cutter.

Rebecca King, marketing manager at Spearhead, explained: “From this year, the TWIGA range features a simpler naming convention, with a letter and number configuration throughout each series; the letter denoting either a standard, forward-reach or telescopic arm, and a number giving the specified machine reach.”

Spearhead will also exhibit models from its rotary mower range; the ‘Multicut 460’ will be on-site alongside the smaller ‘Multicut 300’ and heavy-duty ‘Stubble Master 500’ rotary mulcher.

The Stubble Master’s blade system is said to be capable of mulching left-over stubble into small debris or particles, thus speeding up decomposition thanks to more worm activity.

Spearhead says that the mulched debris can also give protection to the soil’s surface, resulting in an “overall improvement to the soil structure itself”.

Child of the ’80s

Spearhead was founded in 1989, at which point it began by importing rotary mowers into the UK. It designed what it describes as “the first folding rotary mower – the GS400 – two years later.

The TWIGA 5/6 (1995) and Excel (1998) hedge-cutters followed; its award-winning ‘Autopilot’ system arrived in 2000. Product development continued right through the 2000s; the so-called “world’s largest rotary mower” – the ‘Multicut 820’ arrived on the scene in 2005.

The first ‘Stubble Master’ mower was seen in 2013.

In the Republic of Ireland, Brogans Tractors (Duncormick, Co. Wexford) is a franchised agent.