‘A child has been found’ is all too often heard over the public announcements at the Ploughing as invariably a number of children are separated from their parents over the three day event.

However, there are some simple steps parents who are planning on taking their children to the event can take to reduce help them and their children if they do become separated.

Before you get to the venue at Ratheniska, Co. Laois, discuss with your children what they should do if they get separated.

If you’re bringing young children, tell them to look for a member of the Gardai or another family with children who will bring them to the nearest lost and found.

Writing your phone number on the back of their hand is better than nothing, but it’s far from fail safe and FBD is distributing a wrist band at the Ploughing that allows you to write your number on it.

If you’re bringing older children, establish a ‘landmark’ at the venue where you can meet should they get lost.

If you’re travelling to the Ploughing in a large group, then assign an adult to keep an eye on the children.

You’re better off having to keep an eye on them and taking it in turns than ending up in a situation where your child has gone missing in a mass of people.

Almost everyone has a smartphone and parents are great at taking pictures of their children, so why not take a photo of your child on the morning of the ploughing wearing the clothes they are wearing, so if they do get lost you know exactly what they were wearing.

Then if you do get separated you have a recent photo of the child and it will make it easier to find them.

Staying with outfit choices, dressing your child in bright colours or giving them a bright hat will make them easier to distinguish in the crowds.