The National Sheep Association (NSA) is calling for a robust food policy that protects British producers and consumers from further harm during the cost-of- living crisis.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: “Continued disruption to the global food supply chain has been building for some months now,

“This is not only due to the war in Ukraine, increased input prices and little certainty or continuity from government departments but also unprecedented weather conditions this year have added fuel to the fire.

“Since the publication of the National Food Strategy there has been little progress from government on how it proposes to protect the UK’s food supply chains and ensure food security is at the heart of future policy.”

Many consumers across the UK are already experiencing the knock-on effects of disrupted supply chains.

With many experts predicting more issues around food supply chains this winter, as food prices continue to rise amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Inflation in the British economy has also hit 10% and the prices of everyday essentials are soaring according to Stocker.

He continued: “We are set to see more significant change in the government, and potentially with changes in ministers in Westminster over the coming weeks.

“It is vital that the future of farming and food security amongst a burgeoning environmental agenda must be at the forefront of any newly established departmental team.

“Any disruption to the work already in train, such as the Future Farming Programmes should be minimised.

“Although the National Food Strategy was welcomed it is time to put aspirations into policy and support rural communities and agriculture through what will be yet more turbulent circumstances for everyone across the nation.

“It is time for policymakers and government leaders to realise the fragility of the UK’s food supply chain and provide support to the growers and producers integral to feeding the nation.”