With the start of 2021 set to bring change and uncertainty to the UK’s sheep sector, the National Sheep Association (NSA) is preparing to launch a new sheep farmers’ Breakfast Club to help update on the latest news and announcements affecting the industry this January.

Launching the initial series of four, one-hour morning updates, the NSA will welcome industry leaders and experts to help deliver concise and useful information to sheep farmers each Wednesday morning starting from Wednesday, January 25, at 8:30am.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said:

With so much still to be announced on how the UK’s departure from the EU will shape our future sheep industry, combined with changes to agricultural legislation and support payments, there will no doubt be many sheep farmers out there seeking some support and guidance as we start the New Year.

“The NSA is excited to launch this new series of short webinars to help the nation’s sheep farmers keep up to date on the latest announcements affecting them.

“We will be welcoming industry leaders from across the UK as well as NSA office holders and some of our corporate supporters to present what we hope will be engaging and useful short sessions that can be enjoyed over breakfast before the day’s jobs really begin.”

What will the sessions cover?

The four sessions will cover changes to existing UK trade deals as well as future ones, the future of UK farm support, the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) and a specific focus on differences to legislation across the devolved nations.

Interested parties are encouraged to register to receive updates on more specific details of what the sessions will cover, as and when more news is announced.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the webinars, further detail will be announced as more information on the webinars directly impacted on the outcome of final Brexit negotiations is released.