A Hereford calf in New Zealand had a lucky escape recently after she fell into an underground water course.

Farmer William Morrison found that one of his calves seemed to have disappeared.

Upon closer inspection, he found her; after she had fallen into a water course on the paddock.

The pictures show that calf in the hole it managed to get itself into and then after when the farmer dug it out of the situation it was in.

He tweeted several photos of the calf, saying that ‘sometimes the earth does swallow things up. But not today! #MangaRa Station #cattlecountry’.


nz cow 1


In a further series of tweets, the New Zealand farmer explains that the animal fell into a ‘naturally occurring under-runner (water-coarse)’

Morrison also said on Twitter that it the paddock was on a north facing slope and that it had a lot of under-runners.

There was a happy ending for the calf, after Morrison managed to dig it out of the hole, the calf was reunited with its mother.

He then tweeted: ‘Found needle in the haystack! A little sore and tired but a happy ending this time’.


nz cow 2