This poor tractor driver in Wales was left soaked after a sight glass broke on the front of a slurry tanker, spraying slurry into the cab.

Based in Swansea in Wales, friends Floyd Farthing and Liam Price were spreading slurry for a neighbour on Tuesday evening, July 18, when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Speaking to AgriLand, Farthing described how Price was just building up pressure in the tanker, preparing to spread the load, when the sight glass broke.

slurry, tractor

"I was just pulling up alongside him when it happened. I was in shock first, but then we both starting laughing.

The back window of the tractor was open when it happened; the cab was covered in slurry.

"Slurry was spraying out of the tanker for a good two minutes. He [Price] managed to close the window quickly, but the damage was already done," Farthing said.

The cab of the Case IH Puma tractor has had to be pressure washed from "top to bottom". It has been left to dry out for a few days, in the hope that it will okay.

slurry, tanker, tractor

The electrical gears seem to be playing up slightly after the accident, but Farthing is hopeful that they won't be permanently damaged.

The Welsh farmer admitted he will probably have to get the cab professionally valeted, in order to return it to perfect condition.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that this type of accident has occurred with this 3,000-gallon tanker, Farthing added.

This is the third time that this has happened. The first time the cab was also covered in slurry, but the back window was closed the second time.

"We will have to keep them closed from now on," he laughed.