Health and wellbeing are incredibly important, but with life being such a rush farmers and crofters often don’t stop and take the time to think about themselves. NFU Scotland recognises that there is a lot of stress and pressure within the industry, and often a stigma associated with talking about your feelings - especially amongst men.

However, the union believes that the importance of articulating how you are feeling cannot be underestimated, and as a result it has put together a handy list of the organisations out there that can offer help or support.

Whether looking for themselves, or someone they know, the #NFUSHereForYou webpage can quickly point people in the right direction. All members are encouraged to explore the resources available.

'Please don’t struggle alone'

NFU Scotland Vice President, Charlie Adam, commented:

"Within the industry we are becoming more aware of the challenges some face. Please don’t struggle alone.

There is help and support out there, look out for your neighbours and colleagues, and point them in the direction of our #NFUSHereForYou webpage.

"We are one big community within NFU Scotland and it is vital that we support one another.

"Don’t forget that your regional teams are there for you, and if you know of any other organisations that offer assistance please let us know."