The popularity of the Krone Big Pack baler range is increasing across the world, according to Krone's Stefan Niehof.

Niehof told over 130 international journalists, that one in every 10 balers sold worldwide in 2013 was a Krone Big Pack 1290 baler.

Krone - the family-owned machinery manufacturer showcased its latest developments in baler technology at a joint Krone and Lemken press camp in Hungary recently.

As part of a press camp, machinery journalists got a first-hand look at the latest range of Krone Big Pack Balers, including the Big Pack 1290 XC and Big Pack 870 models.

Krone Big Pack 1290 XC

Speaking at the press camp, Thomas Gress from the Krone Development team said that the Big Pack 1290 XC baler is the largest model offered in the Big Pack range.

He said the baler has a 120cm by 90cm chamber size, which is the most popular chamber size available on the market.

Big Pack balers can also feature a the multibale system, he said, which allows for up to nine small bales to be incorporated into one Big Pack bale.

Along with being a high speed baler, he also said that the Krone Big Pack 1290 XC can also weight each bale with an accuracy of 2.5%, while moisture meters can also be added to show the operator the moisture content of the bale.

[caption id="attachment_126534" align="aligncenter" width="728"]Krone Big Pack 1290 XC in operation Krone Big Pack 1290 XC in operation[/caption]

Key features:

  • 120cm by 90cm chamber size
  • Up to 150kg/m3 bale densities in wheat straw
  • Six double knotters as standard
  • Active pick up and Variable Fill System (VFS) for firm and uniform bales
  • The baler can also be fitted with optional moisture sensing technology

Video: Check out the Krone Big Pack balers at work

Krone Big Pack 870 HDP XC

Krone's Manuel Wick also spoke about the Big Pack 870 HDP XC baler. The baler has a chamber size of 80cm by 70cm, he said, which allows for easier bale transport.

Like the Big Pack 1290 XC baler, the 870 model also features multibale technology.

Wick said that the multibale feature makes it easier to handle the bales, as one single Big Pack bales can include nine smaller bales.

[caption id="attachment_126551" align="aligncenter" width="728"]IMG_5850 Each Big Pack bale can be split into nine smaller bale sections[/caption]

The Krone representative also compared the Big Pack 870 HDP XC baler to other balers in the Big Pack range, including the Big Pack 890.

The high-density Big Pack 870 HDP XC baler makes bales that are 25% more dense that the company's Big Pack 890 baler model range.

Due to the higher density of the bales, Wick said that farmers and contractors can save 25% of the time they spend collecting bales and make a 25% saving on both transport and storage costs when using the high density baler over the Big Pack 890 model.

[caption id="attachment_126562" align="aligncenter" width="728"]Krone Big Pack 870 HDP XC Krone Big Pack 870 HDP XC[/caption]

When compared to a conventional baler, he said the Big Pack 870 HDP XC allows for more throughput, faster field operation and increased efficiency when transporting bales.

However, he also said that the baler is quite power hungry and it needs at least a 163 horsepower tractor to operate effectively.

Video: Krone Big Pack 870 HDP XC in operation