The Sloan family, comprising son Robert, who farms in partnership with his mum and dad, Bryce and Anne, and wife Emma, will focus the Sloan Gold Cup open day on Thursday, August 5, around embracing opportunity.

The day will look at how building on the farm’s traditional foundations, by embracing change and technology, has enabled the development of a progressive dairy unit that acknowledges the future requirement of the business based around the needs of the wider family.

These achievements will be reflected in the speaker stations comprising companies that have been integral to the evolvement of the farm.

Agri-King consultant Neil Howie will outline the need to appreciate ‘normal’ in order to understand exactly what cows need when it comes to milk production, and the need to realise that ‘abnormal’ is not cows failing, but rather how we have failed the cows.

Lely Atlantic will be there to discuss how you can ensure implementing robots is the right choice for your farm and will explain the benefits it can bring to your business.

Other speakers include Graeme Bryson from accountants William Duncan & Co and local vet Alan Walker from Armour Vet Group.

They will discuss embracing technology when it comes to accounting automation and the importance of investing in health for profit.

Robotic milking system

In addition to the 190 pedigree Holstein and 70 pedigree Jersey herds, visitors will be able to see the farm’s Lely robotic milking system and purpose-built calf shed, with a Volac automation calf feeder.

There will also be a post box auction for 20 of the farm’s cows. These cows can be viewed throughout the day with any bids being made through the on-site post boxes.

Robert Sloan said the family are thrilled to finally be able to open the farm gates to showcase their business to the industry.

“We hope to put on an engaging day for everyone and want visitors to leave with some new information they can go home and implement on farm.

“The day will primarily focus on how embracing the opportunities that have come our way has led us to where we are now,” he said.

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) managing director Matthew Knight explained how the event will be one of the first of its kind to take place since the pandemic began in early 2020.

It’s been a long road but to be back organising the Gold Cup and being able to showcase top calibre farms is brilliant for the industry. We can’t wait to welcome visitors and exhibitors and for the Sloan family to eventually get their chance to shine.”

The event will run in line with the latest Scottish government guidance to ensure it is fully Covid-19 compliant.

All visitors must book their tickets ahead of the event and there will be Covid-19 rules and restrictions on site which must be followed.