Structural changes at the NSA as association prepares for Brexit

The National Sheep Association (NSA) has made changes to the staffing structure at head office in Malvern, Worcestershire – and created an exciting new role to boost the team further as it prepares for Brexit.

The organisation said it comes as part of its commitment to continuously improving its services to sheep farming members.

The management structure is shifting with the new role of operations director being introduced and taken on by the association’s own Joanne Briggs.

Ms. Briggs, who was previously the communications manager and policy officer for England, will now be responsible for the running of NSA head office.

The move will allow NSA chief executive Phil Stocker to commit more time to increasingly important policy work, given the impact Brexit is having and will continue to have on the sheep sector.

Stocker said: “We are living in uncertain times with our exit from the EU having the potential to affect every part of the sheep sector.

“Responding to that requires a robust and effective presence from NSA in our vital work engaging with ministers, policymakers and the ever-vocal anti-farming lobby.

“As we continue and strengthen in this work, a strong organisational structure at the heart of what we do is essential, hence these changes at head office.”


As part of further changes, a new full-time role of activities and campaigns officer has been created.

This exciting position will require an enthusiastic individual to develop, expand and organise activities, campaigns and initiatives to raise the profile of NSA, directly leading to the recruitment of new members.

At the same time, NSA South East Region is looking for a new secretary. This part-time, flexible role, paid on an honorarium, is to organise and coordinate the NSA’s regional presence in South East England, seeing to regional meetings and events and working closely with the association’s head office.

Stocker added: “This is an exciting time to be working for an organisation such as NSA and we hope these two exciting positions appeal to those looking to start the new year with a new challenge.”