Manitou Group, which encompasses the ManitouGehl and Mustang equipment brand-names, notched up revenues of almost €1.9 billion last year (2018).

The precise figure was €1.884 billion, which represents “like-for-like” growth of 19% compared with 2017.

Overall, the group claims to have grown by almost 40% in just two years. That’s a sizeable jump.

Looking in particular at the last quarter of 2018, the group says that it made progress in all regions, particularly in northern Europe and North America. Activity in the construction sector was apparently stronger than agriculture.

A company spokesperson commented: “We are aware of the current uncertainties, regarding the accumulation of risks that could potentially trigger an economic slowdown.

We remain focused on our development objectives, while ensuring that we are still agile in the event of a turnaround.

“Although cautious but confident, the depth of our order book allows us to anticipate, all other things being equal, a revenue growth outlook for 2019 of around 10% compared to 2018.”

In related news, Manitou was awarded two Bronze Medals at a special SIMA Awards ceremony in Paris last November, in the run-up to this month’s SIMA show.

‘Stop-start’ fuel saver

One was for its so-called Eco Stop function, available on the MLT range of agricultural machines. A second concerned a solution for recycling end-of-life Manitou equipment.

The principle underpinning the Eco Stop function is simple: The engine shuts off automatically when idling and when the driver is out of the cab.

Configurable from one to 30 minutes of inactivity, this function has been designed for “all farming applications”.

“Based on 15%, for one machine used for 1,000 hours per year over 36 months, the Eco Stop function will enable the purchaser to save €4,500,” claimed Arnaud Sochas, Manitou Group’s agricultural product line manager.