Vaderstad has recently introduced a new disc cultivator, the Carrier XT 425-625. This latest machine is focused on ease of setting with hydraulically adjusted disc angles.

The implement is the newest addition to the family of Carrier disc cultivators which are intended for high-speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation.

Ultra shallow capability of Carrier XT

According to the company, it can handle all the scenarios found within modern tillage farming, from ultra-shallow tillage to a deeper incorporation, thanks to its versatility.

It is available in three different working widths: 4.25m; 5.25m; or 6.25m and may be specified in either trailed or mounted form.

All models may also be supplied with a range of both single and double packer options.

Hydraulic adjustment

The main feature of Carrier XT is its hydraulically rotating disc axles by which it is able to optimise the cut-out performance at shallow depth, while increasing precision at greater working depths.

Vaderstad notes that by increasing the disc angle to the soil, the disc will increase its penetration, and by altering the tilting angle of the disc, the cut-out surface is realigned.

The company also claims to have undertaken a great deal of research and development in fine-tuning these angles to maximise the new implement’s field performance.

Optimal disc angle

Vaderstad goes on to state that as a result, the Carrier XT has the ability to optimise the disc angles for the intended working depth.

For the farmer, this is in a full cut-out when working the top few centimetres of soil, as well as improved maintenance of the working depth.

The design is also said to reduce soil flow when working deeper, contributing to lower diesel consumption.

Choice of discs

The Carrier XT can either be fitted with the standard 450mm disc, a 470mm TrueCut disc or the ultra-shallow CrossCutter Disc.

Each disc is built from high-quality Swedish V-55 steel at the company’s own component factory, ensuring high wear resistance and long-lasting field performance,

The new Carrier XT 425-625 has its official launch at the German DLG Field Days in June. It will be available to order from October 2022.