This 14,000ac model farm is believed to be the largest of its kind in North America, possibly the world.

It was on show at the recent National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky in the US.

Chase Long and Colby Counces are the two farmers behind the creation.

Long, who farms beef, said that they both played with farm toys when they were kids and it kind of grew into a love that never stopped.

“We started it as a smaller display and it’s just grown. Me and him started doing it together and it’s really, really grown into something huge.”

Counces, a catch cropper, said that he got involved in the model farm about eight years ago.

The two farmers have then mixed the catch cropping and beef operation together in the model farm.

What we have here on the display is a 500-cow beef operation, with a little row crop – it’s probably a 3,000ac row crop operation, corn, beans, wheat.

“It’s what we do around our area mainly and then it goes onto his (Counces’) part.”

Counces then says that it’s probably 14-15,000ac is what they have modelled it on.

It’s made from a wooden frame, then they went from there with superglue. Long explains that all the materials they used in the project are made for model rail-roading, but that they’re using it for model farming.

“We’ve took the display to mainly local events like our local fair and to the big tractor show in August.”

When it comes to making the model farm bigger, Long said expansion depends on how much floor space they’re given.