Farmers for Action in the UK took action over the price of milk in an Asda supermarket by marching in two cows to highlight the issues dairy farmers are facing.

Speaking in the supermarket on Sunday, as the protest took place, a spokesman for the group said four pints of milk are selling for 85-89p and that if milk stays that cheap there will be no fresh milk in the country within six months.

“We are packing up. We cannot afford to sell milk at this price. Tesco, the Co-op are selling milk at a reasonable price,” the protestors said.

“This milk should not be cheaper than bottled water.”

The farmers were protesting at an Asda supermarket in Stafford as part of a wider protest over the price UK farmers are earning for their milk.

Milk prices in the UK have fallen significantly in the last 12 months. According to recent DEFRA figures, the average UK farmgate price stood at 24.59p/L in April. This was a 0.38p/L (1.5%) decrease on the March average price.

Just last week Müller UK and Ireland has cut its September milk by 0.8p/L to 22.35p/L which, Müller says, reflects a continuing softening in the market value of farmgate milk.