Video: Watch the ‘Tool-Trac’ put through its paces

Danish machinery company, Timan, manufactures a novel tool carrier / mini-loader hybrid that is not a familiar sight in this country – namely the Tool-Trac.

This unusual vehicle is less than 2m high with the beacon down and is designed to be as multi-functional as possible, with its manufacturer stating: “Many different tasks can be solved with the same machine – like lawn mowing, digging and leveling, snow clearing, controlling weeds and much more.”

While snow clearing is unlikely to be an issue in this part of the world (certainly at this time of the year), its other purposes could be useful for small-scale jobs.

Equipped with a light, “quick-connection” loader arm, the Tool-Trac can be hooked up to pallet forks, a bucket, a weed brush, a grab bucket, a front (lawn) mower or a ‘Tornado 400’ – a yard cleaner with vacuum suction, water hoses and brushes.

Meanwhile, on the back of the machine, a ball-hitch drawbar and a three-point hitch – with either fixed or hydraulic arms – can be mounted.

The Tool-Trac has a maximum lifting height of 2.5m while it can pull a trailer of up to 2t in weight. There are two models currently available, the Tool-Trac 237 and 245. Each machine is powered by a Kubota 4-cylinder engine, of 37hp and 45hp respectively.

Both models have a top speed of 35kph with 4WD as standard and hydrostatic transmissions. Air conditioning is optional.

In terms of dimensions (for both models), the Tool-Trac is 2.86m long (without attachments) and 1.25m wide on standard tyres, though narrow tyres can be added, which reduces the width to 1.07m.

One of the key advantages of the mini-loader is its maneuverability, being well capable of getting into places too tight for a standard loader – with an inner turning radius of just 650mm according to Timan.

It can lift up to 550kg in weight.

While selling the Tool-Trac as a snow plough might be a stretch, of sorts, in this country, were it to be equipped with suitable implements for Ireland – such as a yard scraper – it could prove to be a handy machine in the right hands.