The volume of milk used by UK dairies saw a 3.9% decrease when compared to the volume used in August 2021, figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show.

In August 2021, dairies processed 1,137 million litres of milk and in September, they processed 1,092 million litres.

When comparing the 12-month rolling average up to September with the 12-months to August however, a smaller decrease is seen, of just 0.1%.

In September the production of liquid milk – which usually remains relatively constant, around 500-550 million litres/month – fell by 2.6% to 494 million litres.

Increases in dairies

The two aspects of milk utilisation that saw increases in September were butter and cheese production

The 12-month rolling average up to September saw a 0.1% increase in cheese and a 0.8% increase in butter when compared to the 12 months to August.

Image source: Defra

Cheese production continues to be the largest manufactured product.

Cheddar cheese was the most popular product by far.