The weekend weather forecast from the Met Office has indicated that unsettled, windy and rainy conditions are on the cards for the weekend.

Starting with today (Friday, November 4) most places will be dry with some morning mist and foggy patches.

There will be a few showers in the north and west, and also across the far southeast at the beginning of the day.

Temperatures today will range from 6° to 13°, with the south seeing the higher numbers.

Tonight, more showers will effect western coasts, with thicker cloud and rain moving into the west later on.

Lowest temperatures tonight will range from 5° to 12°, with Scotland seeing the biggest drop.

The east will see clear spells with patchy frost, mist or fog.

Weekend weather forecast

Saturday morning (November 5) will see a band of rain and strong wind sweeping across the UK.

It will clear Northern Ireland during the morning and most other areas during the afternoon, though it is forecast to persist across the southeast.

Temperatures during the day will range from 8° to 14° and will drop back to between 6° and 12° overnight.

On Sunday (November 6), the national forecaster has indicated that it will be windy with spells of rain and showers interspersed with briefer sunny or clear spells.

There will be occasional coastal gales in the west. Temperatures will be mild, ranging from 10° to 13° during the day, with minimal drop during the night.

Weather outlook

Monday and Tuesday (November 7-8) will follow on from Sunday’s trends, with windy and rainy spells across both days.

Monday will feature scattered showers during the day, with a big band of rain to fall overnight.

Tuesday will be drier with more clear spells, however scattered showers are forecast during the morning and afternoon.

Temperatures will remain mild, with highs of 15° on both days.

Monday night will see little change in temperature, will the lowest reaching 11°.

Tuesday night will be similarly mild, with temperatures ranging from 9° to 13°.