A ‘European dealer satisfaction survey‘ for 2019 – first published by AgriLand on Thursday, November 21, turned up some interesting findings; in which major tractor manufacturers (brands) were effectively ranked against several criteria.

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There was also an aggregate (overall) ranking, which pitted the big brands head-to-head.

The data is from a CLIMMAR survey. CLIMMAR is a network of farm machinery dealer organisations across much of Europe.

The survey encompassed participating dealers from 10 countries. Over 1,000 respondents reportedly took part – up significantly from the last such survey in 2018.

In this follow-up article, we look at how the rankings of the major brands (manufacturers) changed between 2018 to 2019. Specifically, we note which brands climbed the rankings…and which fell.

Overall results

To recap, for overall (average) dealer satisfaction Fendt was the highest-ranked manufacturer (14.4% – across all combined criteria).


However, this additional chart (below) shows that Same and Deutz-Fahr showed the biggest improvements – between 2018 and 2019. Valtra, meanwhile, suffered the biggest fall (in its ranking).


‘Brand image’

Among the individual criteria (that contribute to the overall ranking), perhaps the single most important was ‘brand image and impact’.

Fendt was also the highest-ranked manufacturer on this specific criterion (17.4%).


However, this further chart (below) again shows that Same and Deutz-Fahr showed the biggest gains – on this specific criterion between 2018 and 2019. Kubota, on this occasion, showed the biggest drop.


‘After-sales service and warranty’

Another important criterion was ‘after-sales service and warranty’. Dealers’ rankings (for this specifically) are detailed in this chart (below). Kubota was the highest-ranked manufacturer (15.2%) for this criterion.


However, this additional chart (below) shows that Same and Deutz-Fahr (yet again) showed the biggest improvements – between 2018 and 2019. Valtra, in this instance, suffered the biggest fall.


A similar trend is evident from many of the other criteria covered by the aforementioned survey. This suggests that the SDF (Same Deutz-Fahr) Group’s various brands are either upping their game or that the group’s dealers have greater confidence than before.

Valtra – in many instances – suffered the biggest fall in its perceived standing (based on the views of respondents to this survey).

For completeness, a list of all criteria (encompassed by this survey and which ultimately fed into the overall ranking) is provided in this table (below).

Survey (ranking) criteria:

  • Brand image and impact;
  • Marketing of tractors;
  • Marketing of spare parts;
  • After-sales service and warranty;
  • Theft protection;
  • Computer services;
  • Advertising and product support material;
  • Administration and terms of payment;
  • Financing offers;
  • Training;
  • Management;
  • Profitability contribution;
  • Improvements;
  • Manufacturer/dealer relations.

Origins of CLIMMAR

Founded in 1953, CLIMMAR is a European network of agricultural machinery dealers; it encompasses 16 national associations and their member companies.

In all, its 16 national bodies account for over 18,000 dealers and dealerships. They apparently sell to a hinterland inhabited by almost 3,500,000 farmers.