Martin Limpens, a man from the Netherlands, has built an amazing scale model (1:5) of a Claas Jaguar 980 forage harvester.

According to a Trekker article the replica chopper weighs in at 70kg.

Over the course of 15 years, an incredible 3,000 hours is what Martin claims to have spent building it.

Under the hood is a 4.5hp (petrol) Briggs & Stratton engine that gives life to the model harvester.

The engine's full power is directed towards the chopping unit. A battery-driven motor and a differential from an old electric scooter are used to keep the harvester's wheels turning.

When building the contraption, Martin did not buy any new parts. Everything used was home-crafted.

The rotating beacons are made from LEDs - controlled by relays. The plastic caps for the beacons were turned by Martin himself on a lathe.

All-metal construction

Martin works in the steel industry; therefore, he was ambitious to make the structure of the harvester from metal. For example, the wheel rims were rolled, welded and finished by Martin himself.

The pick-up is mechanically driven; there is even a cam mechanism. The teeth on the pick-up reel are made from aluminum welding wire.

The remote-control unit for the model came from an old radio-controlled helicopter.

He is currently working on a replica Fendt 1050 Vario - in 1:4 scale.