With just one more shopping day left until Christmas Day, most of the presents should all be wrapped and placed underneath the Christmas tree.

But in your rush to find something nice for the rest of the family (or because you left it until the last minute to do your shopping) it is possible to forget your aul lad who spends most of his time out on the farm.

Don’t panic though, we have compiled a list of last minute gifts that will save your blushes this festive season.

1. A Tool Box

Most farmers will build up a such broad selection of tools over the years that even most tradesmen would be proud of.

Hand tools, power tools and accessories will build up as different jobs are being carried out on the farm, while some of these will inevitably get lost.

To make your fathers life easier, a handy tool box could be an ideal, practical gift to keep the most important tools close at hand around the farm.

This metal latch Stanley tool box is available on Agriretailer.ie

Stanley tool box

2. A Good Rain Jacket

Let’s face it, it rains a lot in Ireland so a good rain jacket is an essential piece of clothing for all farmers.

Whether you are out looking at livestock or doing a bit of fencing, nobody wants to get caught out in a heavy shower of rain without a good jacket.

Weather, Met Eireann, Rain

3. A Good Penknife

A person can never under estimate the versatility and usefulness of a good penknife.

Every farmers should have at least one, whether it is kept in their jacket pocket or in the tractor as you will never know when you might need it.

The Swiss Army penknife is a very popular choice, which offers a couple of different blade options as well as screw driver heads and a mini-scissors.


4. A Farmer’s Fix It Kit

When it comes to Christmas gifts, the ones that have a lot of thought put into them can earn you some serious brownie points. 

Think of the items that your father always uses around the farm on a daily basis and which always seem to be in short supply when you need them most.

  • Baling twine – you can never have too much.
  • A bag of staples – sure to come in handy during the year.
  • A can of WD40 – ideal for fixing that squeaky door or gate in the shed.
  • A decent hammer – a belt of the hammer is always an option if something stops working.
  • A vice grips – a farmer can never do without one of these.


5. A Book of Coupons

If your father is the type of person who has everything and says he doesn’t want anything for Christmas then a book of coupons might be the way to go.

Ideally these coupons will include a number of favours or jobs you promise to carry out for your father when he decides to redeem them during the year.

This gift option is also ideal if you are broke or have left it too late to get to the shops, if nothing else it should get a laugh around the dinner table provided your father has a good sense of humour.


6. A Smartphone or Tablet

If you are willing to splash the cash on your father this Christmas, why not opt for a smartphone or a tablet so he can download the Agriland app?

Imagine how thankful he will be to have all the latest farming news at his finger tips!


7. A Portable Charger

If your father already has a smartphone or tablet then a portable phone charger might prove to be a good option.

If he already has the smartphone for a couple of months he will have realised the battery isn’t as good as his old Nokia 3210 which he charged once a week.

Whether he is out farming or spending the day at the mart, nothing is more frustrating than your phone battery dying just when you need it most.

This portable charger available in Argos costs only €37 and will offer an additional 36 hours of battery life.

Portable Charger Source: Argos

Portable Charger Source: Argos

8. A Torch

Whether it is the early morning or late in the evening a good torch can be a God send.

A torch can make a farmers life so much easier when they are forced to work into the dark hours. Why not choose a headlight so as to leave both hands free?

There’s sure to be a good selection of headlights and torches available in your local hardware store.

LED torch

9. Grassmen DVDs

Grassmen DVDs continue to be hugely popular since they first broke onto the scene a few years ago.

These DVDs are sure to interest both young and old farmers, spending a dark winter evening watching machinery harvesting silage and other tillage crops is something most farmers would love.

There are a whole range of DVDs on offer covering agricultural contractors right across Ireland, Northern Ireland and England.

All of the DVDs are available to order for between £15-18/DVD (€18-22/DVD) on the Grassmen website.

Source: Grassmen

Source: Grassmen

10. A Weekend Away

If your father is the type of person that rarely takes a holiday, aside from the Ploughing Championships or possibly All-Ireland final days, maybe it’s time to get him a weekend away.

This present could double up as a gift for your mother as well. If you find that your siblings are also scratching their heads as to what to get your parents for Christmas then maybe it’s time to pool your money together.

Whether it is home or abroad you’re thinking of getting your parents a break away there is a range of handy websites to consult to get the best hotel and flight deals possible.