20 new appointments and reappointments have been made to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) sector councils.

The ratification process has been completed for AHDB’s sector councils in the beef and lamb, cereals and oilseeds, dairy and pork sectors.

The process was run by an independent organisation, Civica Election Services Limited, which reported that 1,586 levy payers voted out of a total registered of 9,228.

No candidate received less than two thirds of the available votes.

Sector council members were selected on an open, competitive, skills-based process before levy payers, who were registered to vote, were asked if they agreed with the recommended appointments via a yes or no vote.

The sector councils represent the voice of levy payers in the heart of AHDB, deciding which programmes of work are needed to support their sectors, as well as recommending the levy rates needed to fund them.

Beef and lamb

Isla Roebuck and Scott Donaldson were newly appointed to the AHDB beef and lamb sector council.

Roebuck will fill a processor role, while Donaldson will be an auctioneer.

Anne-Marie Hamilton, James Taylor and Paul Unwin were reappointed to their roles.

Hamilton and Taylor are producers and Unwin is an independent.

Cereal and oilseeds

David Bell, James Standen, Patrick Stephenson, David Walston and Julius Deane were all reappointed to their roles in AHDB’s cereals and oilseeds sector council.

Bell, Standen and Walston are growers, and Stephenson is an independent.

The cereals and oilseeds sector council also had new appointments in the form of Allan Bowie and Richard Orr. Both men are growers.


AHDB’s dairy sector council had two new appointments.

Colin Ferguson and Patrick Morris-Eyton were appointed to the sector council. Both men are dairy producers.


Rupinder Ashworth, Robin Thompson and William de Klein were reappointed to AHDB’s pork sector council.

Ashworth is an independent, while Thompson is a producer and de Klein a processor.

Charlotte Duggleby, Mark Westgarth and Mike Wijnberg were all new appointments to the pork sector council.

All three are processors.