The Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust (NFST) has announced the appointment of the 2021 Nuffield Farming Scholars, who are to commence their studies next year.

The 20 scholars, who come from across UK farming and rural industries, will seek guidance from industry leaders, experts and pioneers as they undertake their studies.

"Following an unprecedented and challenging year for UK agriculture, we are pleased to announce our 2021 scholars," said Mike Vacher, Nuffield Farming director.

They have been carefully selected for both their passion for their chosen topic, and for their potential as future leaders within UK agriculture. Our 2021 scholars have selected a range of topics that span the breadth of the industry, including livestock, soft fruits, aquaculture and workforce diversity.

"A Nuffield scholarship is a life-changing experience, and will no doubt prove invaluable to both scholar businesses and to the industry as a whole."

The 2021 Nuffield Farming Scholars are:

  • Ranald Angus (Caithness, Scotland);
  • Ian Baggs (Dorset, South West);
  • Matthew Blyth (Sussex, South East);
  • Anna Bowen (Ceredigion, Wales);
  • Richard Copas (Buckinghamshire, Central);
  • Dan De Baerdemaecker (East Sussex, South East);
  • John Gray (Angus, Scotland);
  • Keith Gue (West Sussex, South East);
  • Geoff Guy (Nottinghamshire, East Midlands);
  • Camilla Hayselden-Ashby (Kent, South East);
  • Robert Howe (Lancashire, Northern);
  • Aisla Jones (Greater Manchester, Northern);
  • James MacCartney (Rutland, East Midlands);
  • Chris Manley (Somerset, South West);
  • Adrian Marshall (Suffolk, Anglia);
  • Emily McVeigh (Suffolk, Anglia);
  • Navaratnam (Theeb) Partheeban (Essex, Anglia);
  • Gary Thompson (Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland);
  • Edward Towers (Lancashire, Northern);
  • Claire Whittle (Wrexham, Wales).

"On behalf of Nuffield Farming, I wish the 2021 scholars the very best of luck as they prepare to start their studies.

"We are excited to hear more about the knowledge and experiences you gain over the course of your journeys.

"In these ever-changing times, what you bring back with you will play a vital role in driving UK agriculture forward," added Vacher.