It appears that Gomselmash - the machinery manufacturer from the Republic of Belarus - is developing a new 'systems tractor'.

Gomselmash claims to be an agricultural machinery manufacturer of global proportions. It is well known for its combine harvesters and a diverse line-up of self-propelled foragers.

The new prototype 'systems tractor' - the MS-350 - would mark a departure from existing product lines for the company. However, it is believed that the 'tractor' is built around the frame/chassis of one of the entity's existing self-propelled forage harvesters.

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The machine - with a reputed 350hp under the bonnet - will apparently have a cab that can rotate through 180° (in a similar manner to the Claas Xerion).

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Likely applications for the 'tractor' will include working with triple-section mowers and power-hungry wood chippers.

According to outlet Agri Avis, the MS-350 will be equipped with a Trimble guidance system "as standard".

Gomselmash in a nutshell

Gomselmash's legacy stretches back over eight decades. The entity now claims to have produced in excess of 2,500,000 agricultural machines, including sizeable numbers of combines and forage harvesters.

The company now exports over 90% of its production; that figure has grown rapidly from just over 72% in 2012. In that year its machines were delivered to buyers in just 10 countries; now that number has grown to 26.


Following the rationale of ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’, most of the components for its harvesters are made in-house.


Many of Gomselmash’s harvesters are marketed under the ‘Palesse’ product name; it encompasses grain and forage equipment – as well as even potato harvesters.

In fact, the range includes 16 different equipment lines, stretching out to over 75 different models.


Palesse-badged combine harvesters are currently operating in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, China and South Korea, alongside other countries.