A kid by the name of Boxer has been made an honorary recruit of the New South Wales Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit in Australia.

Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit operators are looking after the latest addition to the team; Boxer the Boer goat.

A post on the official Facebook page of the New South Wales Police Force has stated that the goat is now being hand-raised and fed after his mother passed away.

Local media in Australia reports that the four-week-old goat was brought into the Bomb and Rescue Squad’s Alexandria headquarters to cheer up an employee’s daughter, who is suffering from a serious spinal injury.

The goat now spends his days in the office and in officers homes where he is fed, it is reported.




NSW Police tweet


The police force's official Twitter account tweeted a photo of the goat with one of its members with the caption 'no kidding! Meet Boxer, the Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit's newest honorary recruit'.

Speaking to the Australian Daily Telegraph, Superintendent Brenton Charlton said that everyone in the office loves him.

"It’s hard not to like him. He just wanders around, sleeps under desks, wees everywhere.

"He’ll hang around here for a while, when he’s fully grown, he’ll go in the paddock," Charlton said.