Agricultural data research group acquires firm behind Hands-Free Hectare

Leading agricultural insight provider Map of Ag has acquired Precision Decisions, the firm behind Harper Adams’ Hands-Free Hectare, in a bid to further expand its data reach capabilities.

It follows the firm’s recent acquisition of Evidence Group (EBVC) in the veterinary animal health sector and is part of Map of Ag’s strategy to provide insights and valuable data to the food and agricultural supply chain.

Precision Decisions provides a range of products and services to the agricultural sector including precision soil sampling, market leading sensor technologies and variability mapping solutions through its MiFarm platform, as well as a range of consultancy services.

The firm is focused on developing new technologies to provide data, insights and image analyses which enable farmers to manage their farm and field variability and make better, data-driven decisions.

Map of Ag has long-standing relationships with companies involved in every aspect of the food chain. Using innovative technology and data, the firm provides insight to retailers, processors, national agricultural organisations, financial services, research and development for manufacturers and cooperatives.

The data and analysis help enable sound decision-making based on accurate, timely information, using innovative data organisation technology, data modelling and pioneering analytics.

‘The cusp of an agricultural data revolution’

Commenting on the acquisition, Map of Ag Founder, Forbes Elworthy said: “Our purpose is to connect agricultural and food industries via data so that we have better information, better communication and better, more profitable businesses as a result.

“Precision Decisions’ expertise in precision farming methods, soil health and farm IT solutions is a significant step in achieving a transformational and global agricultural information platform, which will empower farmers in decision making, as well as providing farm-based analyses and insight to the agri-food supply chain.”

Precision Decisions managing director and founder, Clive Blacker added: “We are on the cusp of an agricultural data revolution and connectivity is the holy grail.

“As we advance data capture tools and insight, the way we farm will change dramatically along with the ability to improve food production for an ever-increasing global population and raise the profitability of farms.”

In July, Precision Decisions won the Future Food Award at the BBC Food and Farming Awards for its Hands-Free Hectare (HFH) project.

Agriculture and food production as an industry collects enormous amounts of data from farming, processing and packaging right up to when the food reaches consumers’ plates.

These recent acquisitions provide Map of Ag with the foundation to create an agri-tech data powerhouse, where capturing, enriching and managing this data will enable its customers to continually generate valuable, actionable insights for the agri-food supply chain and farmers alike.

Map of Ag has offices in the UK, Argentina and New Zealand.