Agriland Media Group has launched a brand new podcast series called AgriFocus, to meet growing audience demand for information in many different formats.

The new high-quality series will cover everything from livestock enterprises, to tillage, to politics and agri-business, as well as information relevant to farming families and rural communities.

It will give you, our audience, an insight into varied aspects of the agri-food sector, through interviews with well-known and not so well-known industry stakeholders, including farmers, economists, researchers, business-people and politicians.

In the pilot episode, which is available now on all podcast platforms and in the Agriland podcast section of this website, Ciaran Fitzgerald, a food economist with over 30 years’ experience in the agri-food sector and a regular columnist at Agriland, joins deputy news editor, Francess McDonnell.

They talk about a subject that is unavoidable in Ireland – politics and agriculture and how policy tends to frame the ‘take home’ income of those working in the agri-food sector in this country.

Agriland podcasts

This is the third series of podcasts launched by Agriland Media Group over the past two years, as the media business continues to expand its offering to an ever-growing audience.

The Farming Week podcast, which is available every Friday, has been rising in popularity with an already established audience and provides an overview of the top news stories in the world of agriculture each week.

It’s an ideal opportunity for those working in agriculture and living in rural areas to catch up on all the major news happening within the sector on any given week, so they won’t be out of touch when they socialise around the mart ring each week or come in from the fields in the evening.

We’ll keep the farming community up-to-date on everything they need to know each week.

AgriFocus is a more feature-focused podcast which will involve a host of different guests on an ongoing basis to discuss farming, agri-business, politics, and rural life.

Editor of Agriland, Stella Meehan said: “The launch of the AgriFocus podcast is an indication of how fast the online audience is growing these days.

“No longer do some people have time to always sit down and read a newspaper cover to cover; lives have become busier and agriculture has become more demanding.

“Our audience wants information that is relevant to them in a format that is easily accessible, concise and interesting and we’re delighted that we can fill that gap with AgriFocus.”

You can listen to all of Agriland’s podcasts, including the first episode of AgriFocus by clicking here.