The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) North Yorkshire monitor farm launch will include a farm system introduction and tour.

Crathorne Farm’s launch will be hosted by Joe Dugdale and take place from 4:00p.m until 7:30p.m on June 17, 2024, at Haggit Hill Farm, East Rounton, Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

The day will feature a tour of the farm and an opportunity to find out more from the team about their farming practices, performance and goals for the next three years.

Dugdale will outline how the arable enterprise integrates with the dairy on the farm and discuss the farm’s establishment techniques and trials.

He, alongside Edaphos agronomist Richard Boldan, will also lead a crop walk to discuss the current rotation, crop agronomy and crop performance pressures.

There will also be a SWOT analysis. Attendees will have the opportunity to feed back on the current farming operation, raise issues facing local farmers and guide future meeting topics and discussions.

Crathorne Farms

Crathorne Farms is a mixed arable and dairy farming business. Covering contract farming, tenancies and owned land, the concern totals 1,000ha.

The business has said it is at a “crossroads” in its arable farming practice, as it works to find consistency through resilience and attention to the right details.

“Joe (Dugdale) does not like machinery so strives to farm using less. We hope everyone will learn from our journey over the next three years,” Crathorne Farms said.

Registration and refreshments will be available from 4:00p.m on the day, with presentations commencing at 4:30p.m. An evening meal will be provided.

This meeting is free to attend, but those hoping to attend are urged to book a place so AHDB can organise catering.

AHDB urged those planning to attend to bring suitable footwear and clothing for a field walk.