Large numbers of dairy and beef farmers from all parts of Ireland are expected to attend Alltech’s Global 500 event, taking place in the RDS Dublin, between 1-3 October.  This is the first time the now famous livestock focused symposium has been held on the island of Ireland.

The overarching theme for this year’s event is how to farm for an efficient, profitable and sustainable (EPS) future. It will begin with an overview of the current industry and looking at future trends, specifically addressing how farmers and producers can stay ahead of the curve. Breaking out after this into dairy and beef tracks, talks will focus on industry specific issues, debating a roadmap for both industries through interactive discussions.

Topics addressed will include: forages and maximising your return from the land; the war against protein prices; sustainability; mineral management; mycotoxin management; innovations in the industry; managing your investments for the future and the big picture view on the global landscape.

In addition, attendees can take advantage of Global 500’s location with a full programme of farm tours. These will take delegates on a journey to some of Ireland’s most unique farms, showcasing Montbeliarde, Limousin, and Holstein cattle as well as top quality forages produced on-farm.

“Each year Alltech’s Global 500 strives to bring the top experts in the agriculture industry together to shape the future of beef and dairy worldwide. This year, for the first time ever, we are bringing them to Ireland to focus on EPS,” confirmed Alltech’s Fergal McAdam, who spoke to AgriLand at yesterday’s National Ploughing Championships.

“This is a crucial time for the agriculture industry as demand for dairy and beef products is growing worldwide. The potential profitability has never been greater, which is why we must make production leaner in order for it to endure.”

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