Dutch firm Hoopman Machines BV – the company behind the Holaris brand – manufactures a range of interesting agricultural products.

At last week’s Grassland and Muck event in England the firm’s UK distributor – WM Agri – demonstrated the novel Holaris silage spreader.

It employs two rotors, which are claimed to distribute the grass in thin, even layers – as you climb a silage pit (clamp).

A company spokesperson explained: “During distribution (spreading), you can continue to drive the tractor along the middle of the silage, avoiding dangerous manoeuvres along the edges and lost time.

“For raising the edges, the machine has rubber side-boards that can be folded in or extended out to 6m in width.”

The heavy-duty version – the Viking – is mounted on the 3-point linkage and is suitable for tractors of over 180hp. The machine itself weighs 2.25t. Driven off the tractor’s PTO, it folds to a transport width of just 3m.

The video below shows a Viking in use on a high-horsepower Fendt tractor.

The next video (below) shows another variant – the Jumbo – attached to a heavy-duty Volvo loading shovel. Note the additional fork attachment on the front.

More details are available on the company’s website.

The company also manufactures a range of other products, including feeders, sweepers, slurry mixers and verge maintenance equipment.

Who or what is Holaris?

Hoopman Machines BV – the company behind the Holaris brand – can trace its origins back to 1911. The founder started off as a local blacksmith; the firm is now based in Aalten, Holland.

Meanwhile, the company’s UK distributor – WM Agri – was founded by Will Mallon. It is based in East Anglia and was established in 2014.